Greek Influence on Egypt

The appearance of Greek influence in Egypt is a fitting subject to end this class.  Most of the readings that I have done in different classes that relate to Egypt almost always end up describing the Greeks.  Most specifically is the city of Alexandria.  The influence is so prominent that it almost seems like Greece more than Egypt.  I have read about magical practices that were performed in Alexandria especially by an alchemist known as Cleopatra, although not the royal one.  This evidence is huge from an alchemical view since there was so much symbolism found in ancient Egypt, yet there are many readings in Greek.  The fact that both countries had a single city which is essentially a hybrid of the two, shows that a direct link in the alchemical readings were probably based off of information that originated from the Egyptians.


Although there is no real way to prove this unless there is specific evidence that says this link exists, the speculation leads to many interesting ideas of other influences that the Egyptians may have had on the Greeks.  It seems that during the reign of Alexander the Great, being that he stopped the Persian forces in Egypt, the Egyptians were very grateful.  The country started to thrive again for several dynasties.  However, I cannot imagine that there was no exchange in ideas and beliefs between the two cultures.  There were most definitely international relations and the birth of a new culture, or rather a different view on teachings.  Like any kind of war, there is always an influence of the enemy on the people.  Through this violence, cultures begin to merge with one another and old traditions are forgotten while new ones begin.  I truly believe that the Greek influence that Alexander had on the Egyptians is a direct result in a thriving city like Alexandria, but more importantly the creation of new beliefs.


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  1. Hey! I wrote about something very similar to this! I wrote about the destruction and excavations of Alexandria, which focused on Greece’s influence on the city. I really enjoyed reading you summary because I found this topic to be very interesting. I never knew that the Egyptian city, Alexandria, is more similar to a Greek city than an Egyptian city. I really like how you discussed how Alexandria’s Greek influence could be seen through an alchemical view and connected it to the reading you did on magical practices performed in Alexandria. I also really like how you discussed how you think these two cultures, Egyptian and Greek, merged through their war experience. I completely agree with that! I think that through things like international relations and violence between the countries there is a creation of, as you put it, a hybrid culture. I would suggest that maybe as a result of the Greek influence that Alexander the Great had on the Egyptians, Alexandria is a perfect example of a hybrid city because it really does combine Egyptian and Greek culture. I really enjoyed reading you summary because it was not only very clear and easy to read, it was also on a topic I really enjoyed reading about! Good job!

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