My name is Melissa and I am an Anthropology. I graduate this December with my B.A., so this is my second to last semester. The end is near! I am interested in furthering my studies researching Paleoindian migrations into North America. In between semesters, when I have time to read for fun, I read books on this topic. I am currently reading David J. Meltzer’s First Peoples in a New World: Colonizing Ice Age America. I hope to move to the Pacific Northwest sometime in the next couple years and possibly attend graduate school in Washington, Oregon, or even British Columbia; that is if I can afford out of state tuition.

When I actually do come across some free time after work or school, I spend time with my boyfriend and his two children. I live in Lansing and have family within an hours drive which I like to visit frequently. Both of my parents live in the country so it is nice to retreat into the “boonies” for a while and relax with a bonfire in the country. Plus I have two labrador/collie mixes so it’s nice to have a place for them to go out and run.

I have been fascinated with ancient civilizations and the first one I ever learned about was Egypt. I grew up watching the History Channel with my dad and it was a good bonding experience.

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  1. Hey Melissa, welcome to the class. Great to hear that you are interested in Paleoindian archaeology. When I was an undergrad, I actually flirted with focusing on on that (I actually “started out” doing plains archaeology). UBC is a great school…and Vancouver is a great city. I’ve got family there (and have spent a fair amount of time both in Vancouver and Victoria).

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