The Intro You’ve All Been Waiting For!

Hello!  My name is Michele and I am a junior here at Michigan State with a major in Anthropology.  Within anthropology, I specifically want to study archaeology.  I have taken several archaeology classes and just returned from the field school at the Morton Village site in Illinois.  Digging up artifacts, finding evidence of structures, and analyzing everything in context was amazing!  I absolutely love archaeology, which is why I am taking this class.  I want to learn about as much archaeology as I can throughout the world so I can figure out what I want to specialize in.  At Michigan State, I have mainly focused on North American archaeology, so learning about Ancient Egypt will be a very new experience for me since I have never studied it before.

Outside of school, I have several hobbies.  I love to read and do photography.  Some people find this funny, but my specialty in photography is taking pictures of food.  The best food pictures I have ever taken were of my lunch at a little café in Montreal, Quebec.  The strawberry pie looked amazing!  I also love to play softball and tennis.  I played for my travel softball team for seven years as a pitcher and first baseman.  I have never played tennis competitively, but I am pretty good at it.

The most unique hobby I have is raising and showing rabbits.  I have done this since I was a little girl in 4-H.  For anyone that knows rabbit breeds, I raise approximately 200 castor Mini Rex.  Ever since high school, I only show at two national shows per year.  However, all of my hard work paid off because I won Best of Breed in 2007 and 2008 at the national convention.  Being a Michigan State has slowed my showing down, but I still love raising my rabbits.

I am very excited to start this class and learn about the wonders of archaeology in Ancient Egypt!

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