ANP 2010 Photo Contest Results

The ANP Communications Committee is pleased to announce the results of our 2010 photo contest below. We will post winning entries on Facebook soon.  Judges were one graduate student, Linda Jackson, and two faculty on the communications committee, Ethan Watrall, and myself. There were many high quality entries, so selecting winners and honorable mentions took some effort. One purpose of the contest was to generate images that can help the department communicate to various audiences the types of work we do. For example, Annette Werner plans to select some of these to print out and display in the department, and the communications committee is working on highlighting these online (e.g. you’ll soon see them highlighted on the contest Flickr site: and eventually on our web site). Thanks again to all who submitted a wide range of wonderful images, and congratulations to the photographers below.

For the Communications Committee,

Adan Quan




1st prize: Rick Burnett. Sandy Dunes. Western Namibia, Dune 7, Namibia.  July 2010.


2nd prize: Kimberly Rovin. Man at Church Entrance. Lalibela, Ethiopia. December 2008.


3rd prize:  Cate Bird. The Ferryman’s Son. Mis Island, Sudan. January 2007.





Jared Beatrice. Lord of the Skies. Nemea, Greece. June 2010.


Emilia Boffi. Henna Hands. Delhi, India. July 2008.


Laura B. DeLind. Meskhetian Turk Men Playing Russian Checkers. Okemos, Michigan, USA. Spring 2010.


William Lovis. Abandoned Windmills. Pyrgos, Tinos, Greece. July 2009.