Sylvia Deskaj Receives AIA Graduate Student Travel Award

Sylvia Deskaj (Ph.D. Candidate) has been awarded an Archaeological Institute of America Graduate Student Travel Award.  Sylvia will give a paper presentation at the 2013 Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) and the American Philological Association (APA) Joint Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington. She will present a paper (co-authored by Dr. Anastasia Papathanasiou, Greek Ministry of Culture) entitled “Spatial Analysis of the Neolithic Mortuary Landscape at Alepotrypa Cave, Greece” in the session entitled “Mani: The DIROS Project and Alepotrypa Cave.”  Last summer, Sylvia began work on the DIROS project in Greece, focusing on the massive Neolithic cave complex called Alepotrypa (Fox Hole), where she is studying the distribution of 100s of pieces of scattered human bone.