Anthropology Graduate Student Participation at the Graduate Academic Conference

Emily presenting at the GAC, via COGS

Emily presenting at the GAC, via COGS

The 6th Annual Council of Graduate Students Graduate Academic Conference occurred on March 27th, 2014 at the Kellogg Center. The conference had over 150 graduate and professional students presenting at this year’s conference. Each presented in a format that conveyed complex disciplinary material to an educated but non-specialist audience, an important skill that should be developed and practiced. This year, presenters had the option of communicating their work through three different formats: ten-minute traditional presentations, poster presentations, or in the three-minute competition, an exciting new presentation format.

This year, we had a record number of Anthropology graduate students participating and a winning presentation! Kelly Colas and Caitlin Vogelsberg both acted as judges for conferences sessions. Katy Meyers and Nicole Geske were on the conference committee, with Meyers acting as chair of the committee and primary conference organizer.

Presentations from Anthropology included:

  • Emily Niespodziewanski and Joseph T. Hefner: Determining ancestry from morphoscopic traits of the skull: inclusion of an Asian population

Emily was awarded second place for her 10-minute presentation

  • RoseAnna Downing-Vicklund:Trust Relationships and Drinking Water: Drinking Water Choices in Walkerton, Ontario
  • Nicole Geske: A Reconsideration of Oneota Mortuary Practices
  • Edward Glayzer: The Effects of the Commodification of Intimacy on Gender Inequality in South Korean Dating and Marriage Rituals
  • Meenakshi Narayan: Stereotyping the Chenchu: Constructing the Tribal Identity of a ?Vulnerable? Community in India
  • Nikki Silva and Katy Meyers: When Bones Are Lost Can Gender Be Found? A Spatial Examination of Gender in an Anglo-Saxon Cemetery