Dr. Todd Fenton and Dr. Joseph Hefner Selected as Inaugural Members of a National Forensics Science Subcommittee

The first meeting of the OSAC Subcommittee on Anthropology took place in January 2015. Dr. Todd Fenton and Dr. Joseph Hefner were announced in October 2014 as two initial members of the National Institute of Justice and National Institute on Standards and Technology’s subcommittee on Anthropology. The Subcommittee on Anthropology is a subsection of Crime Scene/ Death Investigation and part of the new Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC). This initiative replaces the Scientific Working Group in Anthropology (SWGANTH) established by the FBI and the National Institute of Justice but retains a similar mission:  “The Subcommittee on Anthropology will focus on standards and guidelines related to application of anthropological methods and theory – particularly those relating to the recovery and analysis of human remains – to resolve legal matters” (http://www.nist.gov/forensics/osac/sub-anth.cfm). The OSAC was formed in February 2014 to support the development of standards and guidelines in American Forensic Science. Parts of this announcement were also featured on MSU Today in December.