Kathryn Frederick- Honorable Mention 2015 Society for American Archaeology Student Paper Competition

Kathryn Frederick is the recipient of an Honorable Mention in the 2015 Society for American Archaeology Student Paper competition for her presentation “Holes: The Beginners Guide to Food Caching”. Kate was/will be honored at the Annual Awards Ceremony in San Francisco. This is only the second Honorable Mention since the inception of the Student Paper competition, attesting to the strength of her research. “Holes . . .” reports on the results of three years of subterranean food caching experiments eventually resulting in five months of underground food storage that passed modern food safety standards. Kate’s work was assisted by collaboration with Professor Leslie Bourquin from the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. All food safety analyses were run at the MSU Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health with funding from an avocational donor. Two cycles of the experiments were conducted through a partnership with the City of Lansing Fenner Arboretum. Kate’s award winning research will form one component of her doctoral dissertation.