Alumni News

James Bielo (2007) was promoted from Lecturer to Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Miami University. He has recently published an introductory text for anthropology of religion courses (Anthropology of Religion: The Basics) and launched an interactive online curation of biblical entertainment sites, the first of its kind:

Linda Dwyer (1999) spent the last six years working as a full-time lecturer at Salisbury University, Maryland, teaching Cultural Anthropology and Chinese language courses while mentoring student projects. She spent summers teaching and conducting research in Anqing City, China, and presented this research at the 44th Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies (MARAAS) conference in Pittsburgh this past fall. She’s currently focused on writing.

Kari (Bergstrom) Henquinet (2007) is Senior Lecturer for the Department of Social Sciences at Michigan Tech and is directing two campuswide programs: Peace Corps Master’s International (the largest Master’s International campus in the nation) and Peace Corps Prep in the Honors College for undergraduates.

Lindsey Jenny (2011) was promoted to Assistant Professor in the MSU Division of Human Anatomy in 2013, and is working with colleagues to revise the curriculum for medical education. She is also the director of the course Human Gross Anatomy for Prehealth Professionals.

Mary Ann Ladia (2008) is a Researcher at the Institute of Clinical Epidemiology at National Institutes of Health, University of the Philippines Manila. She works with an interdisciplinary team on universal health care, access to medicine, child health and nutrition, and protection of children from online abuse and exploitation. Her major research for the year 2016 will be the national TB prevalence survey. She also coteaches a graduate course on Clinical Economics and Health Social Science.

Melissa Rinehart (2006) currently serves as Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Visiting Nurse (a healthcare agency) in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In addition to diversity management responsibilities, she supports and educates clinicians about language and cultural sensitivity and the importance of inclusion. She also is actively writing, publishing and presenting her research.



This article is in the Department of Anthropology’s Fall 2015 Newsletter, see the entire newsletter here.