GSA organizes water drive for Flint residents


We have all heard about the water crisis happening in Flint. Please consider donating bottled water in any size or quantity.

The state says groups are accepting full cases of commercially packaged water (no loose bottles) and commercially sealed gallon containers of water. Not accepted are canned water, carbonated water, flavored water. Your donations will be collected and taken to the Red Cross in Flint to assist residents in need.

Donations will be solicited from January 28 – February 12, 2016.

Please contact Amy Michael ( or Susan Kooiman ( for more information or to arrange a pick up of water. We are happy to collect your donations if you cannot make it to a drop off point.

NEW!!: Also accepting monetary donations! You can send these via paypal Amy ( to buy water.

Drop off locations:

–          Anthropology GSA Symposium (C103 McDonel Hall)

January 29th – 8am – 3pm

–          McDonel Hall – Archaeological Consortium, Room E37

Open 8am – 5pm

–          Baker Hall  – 3rd Floor Library

Thank you for your participation! We hope to fill 2 cars with water from MSU Anthropology to take to Flint.