Dr. Anne Ferguson Selected as Co-recipient of the 2016 Beverwyk Award

Dr. Anne Ferguson and Dr. Lisa Fine (History) will be honored at the 2016 Lavender Reception and Mosaic Awards as recipients of the 2016 Beverwyk Award. The two professors are Co-Directors of the MSU Center for Gender in Global Context (GenCen) and were instrumental in the creation of the LBGTQ+ Studies minor, which became available in 2015. Deanna Hurlbert, Director of the LBGT Resource Center, writes: “Lisa and Anne have been relentless advocates for sexuality and gender scholarship at Michigan State University and demonstrated brilliant administrative leadership as the architects of LGBTQ+ Studies. As of this school year, 68 students are working towards earning the LGBTQ+ Studies minor. In addition, the GenCen regularly offers 23 courses with significant LGBTQ content that are accessible to all students.  Anne and Lisa have not just expanded the academic portfolio of this University, but have validated the humanity, the history, and the future of people marginalized by their sexuality or gender.” Dr. Lisa Fine and Dr. Anne Ferguson will be honored at the Lavender Reception and Mosaic Awards on Sunday April 10th.



Above: Dr. Ferguson (top left), Dr. Fine (top second to left) with GenCen Staff in 2014

About James Harm Beverwyk

This award honors the humility, humanity, and good humor of an ally who became “family of choice,” friend, and mentor to Deanna Hurlbert, the current Director of the LBGT Resource Center. Throughout his life and career, Jim Beverwyk gravitated toward the most marginalized and oppressed persons – and they to him. He could lift one’s spirit while forcing one to face hard truths. He advocated for, housed, taught, and counseled countless – well beyond his call – and was a true ally in action. Unpretentious and frank, his compassion and unfailing sense of humor endeared him to others more often than not. James Harm Beverwyk, 68, passed away suddenly on December 24, 2013, following a heart attack. Jim is survived by his wife, Mary Parsaca, and daughter Tana Beverwyk-Abouda (all alumni of Michigan State University)