Congratulations Graduates!

A heartfelt congratulations to all of our May graduates! You earned it.

graduates and professors at graduationAdvanced Degree Ceremony (Left to Right):Seven Mattes, Todd Fenton, Caitlin Vogelsberg, Joe Hefner, Mindy Morgan, Bill Lovis, Kate Frederick, Susan Kooiman, Lynne Goldstein, Nicole Geske, Deon Claiborne (front center)





Social Science Week phd graduation ceremony

The College of Social Science PhD Recognition Ceremony was held at the Kellogg Center on May 4, 2018, and recognized the culmination of graduate studies and the transition from student to colleague.

The College of Social Science also held its first annual PhD Recognition Ceremony for doctoral graduates. In attendance were Nicole Geske, Dr. Lynne Goldstein, Deon Claiborne, Dr. Todd Fenton, and Seven Mattes (not pictured).


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