Dr. Najib Hourani Invited to Speak at United Nations

Najib HouraniThe Department of Anthropology is very pleased to report that Dr. Najib Hourani was invited to the United Nations Headquarters in NYC, by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations’ Middle East and North Africa section to give a talk on the post-conflict reconstruction of Lebanon and the lessons it holds for the current moment in Syria, and how the international community might positively support efforts toward peace and reconstruction in this delicate moment in the Syrian war. In attendance were staff from the Secretary General’s Office, Security Council Secretariat and the Sanctions Committees, UNDP (UN Development Program), The UN’s Syria negotiating team, Department of Political Affairs, Department of Peacekeeping, UNOCHA (UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) and OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights).

Hourani is a well recognized expert in the Anthropology of civil conflict, “war economies” and post-conflict reconstruction, especially in the Middle East.