Department Involvement in Major Conferences – 2012

72nd Annual Meeting of

The Society for Applied Anthropology (SFAA)

-Baltimore, MD; March 27 – 31, 2012




Emily Altimare, graduate student, gave the following paper presentation: “Living and Learning: Exploring Education in a Residential College Setting.”

Dr. Keri Brondo (ANP alum) gave the following paper presentation: “A Vacation of Mud, Blood, and Sweat: Voluntouring to Save the Swamper (PESO)” and co-authored the following paper: “Urban Danger”: Greenlines, Greenways, and Cycling Lanes in Memphis, TN.”

Seven Bryant, Ph.D. Candidate, presented the following paper: “Entering the Fight: The Research of Dog Fighting.”

Dr. Andrea Freidus (ANP alum) co-authored the following paper presentation: “An Internal Brain Drain: The Urbanization of Malawi’s Most Qualified Health Personnel.”

Linda Gordon, graduate student, gave the following paper presentation:  “When Is Enough, Enough?: Broad Considerations of Participant Compensation in Anthropological Practice.”

Dr. Linda Hunt gave the following paper presentation: “On Becoming a Chronic Health Care Consumer: Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Illness among Hispanic Immigrants in the U.S.

Dr. Monir Moniruzzaman gave the following paper presentation: “Organ Maladies in Bangladesh: Silence of the Neoliberal State.”

Marcy Hessling O’Neil, Ph.D. Candidate, gave the following paper presentation: “My Dorm Room Is My Sanctuary: Campus Living at the University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin, West Africa.”

Fayana Richards, graduate student, gave the following paper presentation:  “Navigating the Applied Terrain: Notes from an Anthropologist on Activism and Constructing a Professional Identity.”

Fredy Rodriguez-Mejia, Ph.D. Candidate, co-authored the following paper: “Fragile Memories: The Role of a Collaborative Initiative in Forging Collective Ethnic Identities.”



81st Annual Meeting of the American Association of 

Physical Anthropologists (AAPA)

-Portland, OR; April 11 – 14, 2012


Graduate students Julie Fleischman, Emily Niespodziewanski, Ashley Kendell, and Dr. Angela Soler (ANP alum) co-authored the following paper presentation: “An example of ischiopubic hypoplasia in medieval Nubia.”

Dr. Masako Fujita co-authored the following paper presentation: “In poor families mothers’ milk is richer for daughters than sons: an example of Trivers-Willard effects on mother’s milk in northern Kenya.”

Dr. Lindsey Jenny, ANP alum, presented the following paper: “The spatial distribution of skeletal stress indicators in a 4th century Romano-British sample: a study using ArcGIS.”

Dr. Nicholas V. Passalacqua (ANP alum) co-authored the following paper presentation: “Investigation into human sacral fusion with regard to skeletal age.”

Dr. Angela Soler (ANP alum), Carolyn Hurst (Ph.D. Candidate), and Dr. Todd Fenton co-authored the following paper presentation: “The Mis Island Medieval Nubian Skeletal Collection at Michigan State University.”

Graduate students Jennifer Vollner and Carolyn Hurst (Ph.D. Candidate), along with Dr. Todd Fenton, co-authored the following presentation: “Mortuary practices of a medieval cemetery in southern Italy.”



77th Annual Meeting of

The Society for American Archaeology (SAA)

-Memphis, TN; April 18 – 22, 2012



Dr. Jennifer Bengtson presented a paper co-authored by Dr. Jodie O’Gorman and Ryan M. Tubbs, Ph.D. Candidate, entitled: “Impacts of Social Interaction among Women in the Past: A Central Illinois River Valley Case Study.”

Soon-to-be-Dr. Charlotte Cable presented a poster entitled: “A Multitude of Monuments: Characterizing and Interpreting the Distribution of 3rd Millennium BC Monuments in North – Central Oman.”

Adrianne Daggett, Ph.D. Candidate, presented a poster entitled: “Preliminary Spatial Analysis of Early Agricultural Settlements at Sowa Pan, Botswana.”

Sylvia Deskaj, Ph.D. Candidate, organized and chaired a symposium entitled: “Recent Trends in Albanian Archaeology: A Decade in Review.” Sylvia also presented a co-authored paper in this symposium entitled: “The 2011 Field Season of the Projekti Arkeologjikë Shkodrës.”  A total of nine scholars from both American and European universities participated.

Sean Dunham, Ph.D. Candidate, presented his SAA award-winning paper entitled: “Late Woodland Landscapes in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan.”

Dr. Sarah Surface – Evans, an MSU alum, co-organized and co-chaired a symposium entitled: “Resources, Networks, Landscapes, and Family: Recent Directions in Hunter-Gatherer Research.”  In this symposium, Dr. Marieka Brouwer (MSU alum) presented a paper entitled: “Dynamic Landscapes, Dynamic Decision-Making: Hunter-Gatherer Land Use Strategies in the Central River Valley of the Netherlands.”  Also in this symposium, Dr. William A. Lovis presented a paper entitled: “Network Maintenance in Big Rough Spaces with Few People: The Labrador Naskapi or Inuu.”

Kate Frederick, graduate student, presented a co-authored poster entitled: “When the Wild Strawberries are in Bloom: Pre – Contact Food Caching in Northern Michigan.”

Katy Meyers, graduate student, presented a paper entitled: “Co-Occurrence of Cremation and Inhumation in Cemeteries: A Case Study at Isola Sacra, Italy.”

Amy Michael, Ph.D. Candidate, presented a co-authored paper entitled: “Mortuary Patterns and Use of Space at the Sapodilla Rockshelter, Belize.”  This paper was co-authored with Dr. Gabe Wrobel et al.

Dr. Helen Pollard presented a paper entitled: “Ruling ‘Purépecha Chichimeca’ in a Tarascan World.”

Dr. Duane Quates (ANP alum) presented a co-authored paper entitled: “The Magic Box and the Gravestones of the Displaced: Using Remote Sensing for the Enhancement, Inventory, and Public Investment of the Historic Fort Drum Cemeteries.”

Frank Raslich, graduate student, presented a paper entitled “Testing Applications of LA – ICP – MS in Lithic Analysis.”

Dr. Maria Raviele, MSU alum, co-organized a symposium entitled: “Reflecting on the Role of Women in Archaeology.”  In addition, Maria presented a poster entitled “Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?: Palynological Evidence for Seasonal Mound Construction of Angel Mound A.”

Karin Rebnegger, Ph.D. Candidate, and MSU Alum Dr. Amy Hirshman co-organized and co-chaired a symposium entitled: “Mesoamerican Tarascans, Their Forbearers and Neighbors: Essays in Honor of Helen Pollard.”  Karin presented a paper in this symposium entitled: “Obsidian Sources used by the Tarascan Empire Elites and Commoners in the Pátzcuaro Basin, Michoacán, Mexico.” Christopher Stawski, Ph.D. Candidate, authored a paper entitled: “Modeling Settlement in the Prehispanic Lake Pátzcuaro Basin, Michoacán, Mexico.”

Dr. Beverley Smith, MSU alum, organized and chaired a symposium entitled: “Stone Street Ancestral Recovery & Reburial Project, Flint, MI.”  In this symposium, Nicole Raslich, graduate student, presented a paper entitled: “Artifact Analysis of Stone Street Burial Ground.” Frank Raslich, graduate student, co-authored a paper entitled: “Mitigation through Collaboration.”

Andy Upton, graduate student, presented a paper co-authored by Dr. Jodie O’Gorman entitled: “A Statistical Approach to Mississippian and Oneota Ceramics at Morton Village.”

Dr. Ethan Watrall was a discussant in a forum entitled: “Capacity-Building for Archaeology in the 21st Century: How Will People Manage the Information Explosion?




111th Annual Meeting of the American

Anthropological Association (AAA)

-San Francisco, CA; November 14 – 18, 2012



Dr. Marietta L. Baba gave the following paper presentations: “Business, Organizational, and Institutional Anthropology: A Century of Anthropology in the Making”; and “Negotiating Boundaries in an Institutional Field.”  Dr. Baba was a discussant in the following session: “Work and Migration: Global Borders as Barriers and Bridges”; in this session, she was the  co-author of the following paper presentation: “Labor Migration and Language Policy in Practice: A Process of Re-Bordering.”  

Soon-to-be Dr. Charlotte Marie Cable presented the following paper: “Permanence and Impermanence: Structuring Social and Spatial Identity In Ancient Oman.” 

Dr. Anne Ferguson was the Chair of the following session: “Global Shifts: Water Politics, Water Rights and Environmental Justice in the Era of Climate Change”; she also gave a paper presentation in that same session, entitled: Malawi’s Shifting Water Policies: Implications for Women’s Rights.”  

Dr. Andrea L. Freidus (ANP alum) gave the following paper presentation: Children and Pageantry: Gendered and Childhood Constructions In the Learning Channel’s Toddlers In Tiaras.”

Dr. Lynne Goldstein organized and presented in the following workshop: “How to Find an Academic Job.”

Dr. Najib B. Hourani gave the following paper presentation: “Hizballah’s Promise: An Urbanism of Resistance?”  In addition, he was the Chair and Discussant of the following session:“Of People and Things: Historical Anthropologies of Law and Landed Property in the Contemporary Middle East.”

Dr. Linda M. Hunt co-authored the following paper presentation: Genes, Class and Culture In Primary Care: Clinical Profiling of Latin American and African American Patients.” 

Anna Jefferson, Ph.D. Candidate, presented the following: “Who’s the Investor?” Financialization, Debt, and Ownership in Mortgage Modification Programs.

Rowenn Kalman, Ph.D. Candidate, co-organized the following session: “Andean Encounters Across Difference: New Frontiers, Familiar Stories?”  In addition, she gave a paper in that session, entitled: Environmental Promoters and Contemporary Cosmovisions: Cultivating ‘conciencia’ In Ancash, Peru.” 

Tazin R. Karim, Ph.D. Candidate, was the Chair of the following session: “Drug AB/Use: Border Constructions and Crossings in the Anthropology of Psychoactive Substances.”  In this session, she gave the following paper presentation: “The Moral Economies of Adderall: Reshaping Health and Performance in the American University.”  In addition, Taz was also the Chair of “Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco Study Group Business Meeting” and co-organizer of “Anxieties and Vantage Points: Drug Use Between the Boundaries of Moralized Health Discourses.”

Dr. Andrea Louie was the Chair of the following session: “Transformations in Chinese Views of the World and the World’s Views of China”; in that session, she gave the following paper: How Adoptive Parents From the US See China and Chinese Culture.”

Dr. Laurie K. Medina gave the following paper presentation: “Environmental Government, Sovereignty, and the ‘truth of the Market’”

Dr. Mindy J. Morgan gave the following paper presentation: Genre Bending and the Creation of Indigeneity In Indians At Work, 1933-1945.”

Dr. John Norder was a discussant for the following session: “Indigenous Spaces: Pushing the Borders and Boundaries of Histories, Bodies, Geography and Politics.”

Dr. Brandt G. Peterson presented the following paper: Indigenismo’s Activist Turn: Anthropologists and the Government of Culture In Mexico, c. 1970.

Fayana Richards, graduate student, presented the following paper: Life for Me Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair: Chronic Illness Management Among African American Women In Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Chantal M. Tetreault presented the following paper: “What Do You Think about Having Beauty Marks On Your–Hashek!”: Innovative and Impolite Uses of An Arabic Politeness Formula Among French Teens.  She was also a discussant for the following session: “Beyond Borders and Crossings: Hybridity and Fluidity in Physical and Ideological Boundaries.”

Heather M Yocum, Ph.D. Candidate, gave the following paper presentation: “It Becomes Scientific”: Creating REDD+ Projects in Malawi’s Protected Areas.

Meryem Zaman, Ph.D. Candidate, gave the following paper presentation: “Transforming Discourses: Sacred Stories, Islamic Revivalist Movements and Women.”