Guide to Giving in Anthropology

Your gifts can be directed to (

Department of Anthropology – This is a general fund used to support undergraduate and graduate student travel and research, bring in visiting scholars for lectures and workshops, and support other learning events across the sub-disciplines.

Alumni and Friends Expendable Fund in Archaeology – This fund supports a competitive archaeology student research enhancement award and visiting archaeology scholars that provide public lectures, visit classes, and provide student workshops.

Forensic Anthropology Lab Fund – Special equipment needed for the lab as well as forensic student research and learning support is provided with this fund.

Department of Anthropology Memorial Fund – Used occasionally to collect donations in honor of a recently deceased member or friend of the department. Families of the deceased typically help decide how the memorial funds are used, usually a scholarship related to the individual’s work.

Archaeology – This is a general archaeology fund that can be used to cover lab and field equipment, student support for conferences, research, or teaching needs.

Lynne Goldstein Fellowship Fund – Provides fellowships to graduate students in any of the sub-disciplines who have worked with the Campus Archaeology Program.