Dr. Stacey Camp publishes in International Journal of Historical Archaeology on the future of Japanese diaspora archaeology

Department of Anthropology Associate Professor Stacey Camp recently published an article in the International Journal of Historical Archaeology titled, “The Future of Japanese Diaspora Archaeology in the United States.” In the article, Dr. Camp discusses the need for collaborative work and a shared research agenda within the archaeological community studying the Japanese diaspora.

Read the full article at: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10761-020-00564-6

Abstract: “The emergence of the archaeology of the Japanese diaspora in the United States as a discrete area of investigation over the past 15 years presents a timely intervention into how xenophobia has contoured the lives of migrants. It is not merely an area of study detached from contemporary politics, but rather a subfield that is forcing archaeologists to engage with the public in novel ways. This work requires scholarly collaboration that puts the interest of descendant communities at the forefront of academic investigation. This work also involves managing archaeological data in a systematic fashion and making data accessible online.”