Carolyn Isaac

  • Assistant Professor
  • Director of the MSU Forensic Anthropology Laboratory


117b Giltner Hall

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

    Forensic Anthropology
    Human Osteology
    Fracture Histomorphology
    Bone Histology
    Fracture Healing
    Positive Identification
    Mass fatality management

Biographical Info

I am a physical/biological anthropologist that specializes in forensic anthropology. My main research focus is the histological progression and stages of cranial fracture healing and how this can be used to determine the age of an injury. The goal of this project is to generate baseline empirical data on the cells and tissues involved in fracture healing at different stages and to provide forensic practitioners with a method to estimate the age of a healing fracture. Such estimations can aid in determining whether an injury contributed to death, whether there are multiple injuries of various ages indicting a pattern of abuse, and may directly contribute to the manner of death classification (homicide, suicide, accident, natural, or indeterminate).

Current Research Projects

-Investigations on the Cellular and Morphologic Characteristics of Cranial Vault Fracture: Research and Development of a Time Since Fracture Protocol and Database
-Consortium for Integrated Forensic Applications, Collaborations, and Technology Systems (IFACTS): Machine Learning Methods for Death Investigation and Human Identification


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Dept. of Anthropology