Gabriel Wrobel

  • Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Director, Central Belize Archaeological Survey (CBAS) Project


E-32 McDonel Hall and 408 Giltner Hall (lab)

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

  • Bioarchaeology
  • Maya
  • Caves

Biographical Info

My primary research specialty is bioarchaeology, which concerns the analysis and interpretation of skeletal remains from archaeological contexts.  I have conducted most of my research at Maya sites in Belize, where I am currently the director of the Central Belize Archaeological Survey project (  Located in the Caves Branch and Sibun River Valleys in Central Belize, this project focused on a variety of sites, including ritual rockshelters and caves, several large urban ceremonial centers, and surrounding settlement zones.  The excavations and analyses conducted so far show that ancient Maya communities used the cave sites for various ceremonial and mortuary purposes over a span of approximately 2000 years. The changes over time in the rituals performed at the rural rockshelters and caves closely parallel sociopolitical transitions identified at the monumental centers we have investigated within our research area, as well as at other sites found throughout the rest of the Maya region. For this reason, the sites in central Belize are important in characterizing the effects of large-scale sociopolitical transformations on ancient Maya communities. The data derived from small rural agrarian contexts continue to provide a different perspective than that of the larger urban centers at which most archaeological investigations are focused.


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