Advising in Light of Health Related Closing

In light of MSU’s decision to modify normal operations and instruction due to the ongoing public health crisis, the Department of Anthropology will be providing alternative advising solutions.  Dr. Deon Claiborne will meet with students via Zoom on advising issues.  Seniors who are graduating at the end of this semester, during the summer, or in Fall 2020 will be prioritized.  Students going into their junior year in FS20 will receive the next priority for advising.   If students have emergency issues, please email Dr. Claiborne ASAP.

If students have housing, food, or counseling issues, Dr. Claiborne will work with the administration to figure out how to address these issues.  This is an unprecedented US health crisis and so things are going to be very fluid in the next few days or weeks while the university community collectively figures out how to adjust.  Stay up-to-date via the website, CDC website, the World Health Organization (W.H.O) website, and this interactive map via Johns Hopkins. Especially take note of any changes in terms of travel.  See the links below.  Your first priority is to stay safe and healthy.

Johns Hopkins Map:

CDC Updates:

W.H.O Updates:

Michigan Updates:

As the Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of Anthropology, Dr. Deon Claiborne  ( or 517-355-7490) is your advocate in planning your program each semester and designing a degree that is tailored to your interests. You should plan on meeting with your academic advisor once every semester and at least once each academic year. It is especially important that you consult your advisor the semester before you expect to graduate. 

To schedule an appointment:

  1. Go to and log in with your MSU NetID and password.
  2. Click “Get Advising” in the upper right corner of the Student Success Dashboard home page.
  3. Follow the steps for creating an appointment. You and your advisor will receive confirmation emails regarding the scheduled appointment.

Along with you, the anthropology academic advisor is responsible for keeping track of your progress toward graduation. She is a resource person and the first person you should consult if you have questions regarding:

  • University, College and Department rules and regulations;
  • Whether a course will satisfy a particular requirement;
  • What courses you still need to graduate;
  • How to understand Degree Navigator;
  • How to use elective credit;
  • How to investigate an additional major, minor or specialization;
  • How to locate a tutor or other remedial assistance;
  • How to evaluate a study abroad program;
  • How to find a field school or initiate an internship;
  • How to proceed with an academic grievance;
  • Where to find assistance with personal problems.

In addition, your academic advisor can provide you will basic information concerning the discipline of anthropology, graduate schools and employment possibilities after graduation To schedule an appointment, go to the Advising Appointment System. You will need your MSU email ID and Password to login.