Benjamin Akey

  • Doctoral Student
  • Research Assistant


McDonel E-30

Research Interests

    Historical Archaeology, Diasporic Identities & the Politics of Belonging, Transnationalism, Exclusion & Racialization, Subject Formation, Social Reproduction theory, Processes/History of Capitalism, Company Towns, Collective Agency and Resistance, Temperance and Prohibition, Collaborative and Emancipatory Archaeologies, Critical Cultural Heritage

Biographical Info

Benjamin is a first-year doctoral student and graduate research assistant studying historical archaeology. They received their BA in Anthropology from University of California Santa Cruz in 2018, where they focused on the performance and negotiation of class and ethnic identities through patterns of alcohol consumption in the Santa Cruz lime industry. They currently focus on issues of identity and subject formation among diasporic communities at late-19th and early-20th century sites of industrial labor.

Pronouns: they/them/their
Dept. of Anthropology