Rhian Dunn

  • Doctoral Candidate


Research Interests

    Forensic anthropology
    Human variation
    Ancestry estimation
    Skeletal biology
    Human rights

Biographical Info

Rhian is a biological anthropology doctoral student with a focus in forensic anthropology. She is working with Dr. Hefner as a graduate assistant looking at human variation through metric and macromorphoscopic trait analyses. She earned her B.A. in Biological Anthropology from University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2016 and her M.S. in Forensic and Biological Anthropology from Mercyhurst University in 2018.


Dunn RR, Spiros MC, Passalacqua NV, Hefner JT. 2023. Maceration techniques for human fetal and perinatal bone. Forensic Anthropology, Early View. https://doi.org/10.5744/fa.2022.0024
Dunn RR, Zurek-Ost A, Lynch P, Bohne Warren C. Dennis C. Dirkmaat: A brief visit with an influential forensic anthropologist. Forensic Anthropology 2022; 5(4): 285-291. https://doi.org/10.5744/fa.2021.0030
Biggs JA, Burnett JJ, Dunn RR, Milton EBP, Plemons AM. The Campus Archaeology Program at Michigan State University: Reevaluating our program during a pandemic. SAA Archaeology Record 2022;22(2):17-21. https://mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?m=16146&i=740794&p=18&ver=html5
Dunn RR, Spiros MC, Kamnikar KR, Plemons AM, Hefner JT. Ancestry estimation in forensic anthropology: A review. WIREs Forensic Sciences 2020;e1369. https://doi.org/10.1002/wfs2.1369
Ost AM, Dunn RR, Dirkmaat DC. 2019. What forensic taphonomy can do for you: a case study in rural Pennsylvania. In: Garvin H, Langley N, editors. Case studies in forensic anthropology: bonified skeletons. Boca Raton: CRC Press. https://doi.org/10.4324/9780429436987
Dept. of Anthropology