Fredy Rodriguez-Mejia

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor


Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

    Identity formation at the intersection of gendered, ethnic, and class-based struggles among the Ch’orti’ Maya of Western Honduras; indigenous social movements in Latin America; Anthropology of Tourism; and Anthropology of Education.

Biographical Info

Dr. Rodriguez-Mejia is a graduate of Michigan State University's Department of Anthropology. His dissertation research examined identity formation at the intersection of gendered, ethnic, and class-based struggles among the Ch’orti’ Maya of Western Honduras. After serving as a fixed-term faculty for the anthropology department at MSU, he held a post-doctoral research position at Purdue University where he worked with a team of researchers studying the culture of undergraduate engineering students, professors and faculty. He also held a two-year Visiting Assistant Professor position at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL.


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Dept. of Anthropology