Letters of Recomendation

Letters of recommendation should only be submitted online via the Grad Portal, unless there are unusual circumstances that prevent you from doing so.  To request a letter of recommendation:

1. Go to the Grad Portal at www.admissions.msu.edu/gradportal

2. Sign in (upper right hand corner of the screen)
-Your Applicant ID is the six digit number sent to your e-mail when you started your application
-Your password is the one you generated when creating your application

3. Once in the Grad Portal, click on “Letters of Recommendation” (right hand side of the screen)
4. Click on “Register Recommender”  (bottom left hand side of screen)

5. Type in your letter writer’s first name, last name, and e-mail address

6. Check whether or not you waive your rights of access to the letter

7. Click “Add Recommender”

An e-mail will automatically be generated and sent to your recommender, letting them know that you are requesting a letter from them.  They will be given a link to the Grad Portal, where they will first fill out information about themselves and their relationship to you (this replaces the old Letter of Recommendation Cover Sheet).  Your recommender will then be prompted to upload their letter of recommendation (valid file types include .pdf, .jpg/jpeg, .tif/tiff, .bmp, .gif, .png).  To check if your recommender has uploaded their letter, go to the “File Uploads” portion of the Grad Portal.

Please contact the Graduate Secretary, Katie Rose Meyers, at meyers1@msu.edu with any questions.