New Book: Tsodilo Hills: Copper Bracelet of the Kalahari

Tsodilo Hills: Copper Bracelet of the KalahariEdited by: Alec Campbell, Larry Robbins and Michael Taylor
(Michigan State University Press)


Tsodilo Hills is a richly illustrated account one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful historical sites: For 100,000 years, inhabitants of Botswana’s Tsodilo Hills region left behind a record of their gathering wild foods, hunting, fishing, mining, rock painting, cattle herding, and metalworking, as well as of their participation in a coast-to-coast trade network. During the past 30 years, archaeologists, paleontologists, historians, and anthropologists have worked at Tsodilo. Here is the Tsodilo story, the Hills’ revelations brought together in one volume, beautifully illuminated by more than 150 color plates and maps. For scientists, this work brings together decades of research at a site in the Kalahari that was virtually unknown until the late 1970s. Tsodilo Hills also offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Kalahari Desert to the general reader, as well as an unsurpassed guide to an extraordinary world to the desert’s many tourists.


“Tsodilo Hills is a wonderfully researched and richly textured description of one of Africa’s most sacred sites. It weaves together multiple lines of evidence — geological, ecological, anthropological, and historical — to construct a chain of interaction that extends for tens of millennia and ties together people and place. It combines perspectives of scientists, students, government administrators, and Tsodilo inhabitants to look from the present both back to the past and into the future.” — John Yellen, research associate, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

“The abundant photographs range from enthralling and intriguing parts of the Hills, timeless weapons and habitats of area tribes, individuals in traditional and in contemporary dress, rock paintings, and members of scientific teams. Many maps too, regarding different aspects of the Hills (e. g., tourist facilities, excavation sites)….”
— Henry Berry, bookseller and founder of Connecticut Book Auctions

Details: 189 pp., 8.5″ x 11 ”
Paper: $39.95
ISBN: 0-87013-858-8 | 978-0-87013-858-8
Pubdate: January 2010

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