Graduate Students of Anthropology Update

Dr. Lovis with his Chili Award, via Silva

Dr. Lovis with his Chili Award, Photo by N. Silva, used with permission

This has been an exciting year for the Graduate Students of Anthropology (GSA). The department turned out in full force for the 2013 Chili Cook-off. Mouthwatering chili recipes were brought from every corner of the department, with the Award Winning Chili title going to Dr. William Lovis and his wife Libby. With the money raised, the GSA was able to sponsor a holiday bowling bash.

The GSA has made it a point this year to increase departmental social activities. Aside from monthly social hour meetings, events like the holiday bowling bash were planned to connect graduate students from different cohorts and specializations. To celebrate spring after the never-ending winter, the GSA reserved a box of seats for the Crosstown Showdown, a baseball game featuring the Lansing Lugnuts versus the MSU Spartan Baseball Team.

The GSA has also revamped their website to create a space where graduate students can get department news, information on graduate student events and details on how to update one’s department bio. In addition to this, the GSA is reinstating the Climo Mentoring Award and the GSA Peer Award. If you would like to nominate someone, please email the GSA at with their name and why you believe he/she is deserving of the award.

Finally, the GSA is in the process of creating an MSU Anthropology calendar featuring photographs from faculty, staff, students and alumni of the department. Each month will feature a photograph and explanation of the context. The calendar will highlight major conferences for each sub-discipline, departmental events, and major University dates. Calendars are scheduled to be released this summer!

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