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MA Holman Volume CoverThe Tie That Binds; Essays in Honor of Margaret B. Holman

Margaret B. “Peg” Holman was for many years an Adjunct in the MSU Department of Anthropology, a Research Associate at the MSU Museum and former editor of The Michigan Archaeologist. The special tribute volume (Michigan Archaeologist Vol. 54) was co-edited by Dr. Janet G. Brashler and Dr. William A. Lovis. The volume contains contributions from over 20 of Peg Holman’s colleagues, friends, and former MSU students, attesting to her abundant impact on Michigan archaeology and the MSU Department of Anthropology.


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 1.40.32 PMThe Bioarchaeology of Space and Place: Ideology, Power, and Meaning in Maya Mortuary Contexts

The Bioarchaeology of Space and Place: Ideology, Power, and Meaning in Maya Mortuary Contexts is a volume edited by Dr. Gabriel Wrobel. It features articles that investigate the variations in social identity found among the Ancient Maya. It focuses on individuals and small groups identified through their mortuary behavior and burial treatment.


[Included in the Spring 2014 Dept. of Anthropology Newsletter, see complete newsletter here]

Images of the book covers provided by the authors and used with permission.