Alumni & Friends of Archaeology Fund Update

Kate Frederick excavating

Kate Frederick excavating at the UMBS

The Alumni and Friends of Archaeology Expendable Fund, established to enhance research and learning of undergraduate and graduate students in the archaeology program through the MSU Department of Anthropology, provided two student awards Spring 2017. This was the inaugural year for the Alumni and Friends of Archaeology Research Enhancement Award. The Enhancement Award was granted to two doctoral students, Kate Frederick and Susan Kooiman. Dr. Bill Lovis serves as the doctoral advisor for both students.

Ms. Frederick was able to complete the fieldwork/data collection portion of her dissertation using these funds, which allowed her to spend two weeks in the field. She is now completing her data analysis. Kate’s research examines prehistoric food storage as a risk management strategy and the landscapes suitable for caching along inland waterways in Northern Michigan.

Kate’s interdisciplinary field research, carried out at the University of Michigan’s Biological Research Station, was completed with the assistance of graduate and undergraduate students from the Department of Anthropology, and Dr. Randy Schaetzl from the Department of Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences.

Becca Alberts performing macrobotanical analysis

Undergraduate Becca Alberts analyzing macrobotanicals for Susan Kooiman

Ms. Kooiman was able to fund the processing of additional laboratory samples for her dissertation. She sent out samples for laboratory analysis of Carbon to Nitrogen stable isotope ratios and lipid residue analysis. Some of these results allowed her to confidently say that predatory fish were consistently cooked in the ceramic vessels she is using. Her dissertation research examines dietary and technological change through time (200 BC – AD 1700) for precontract Native Americans. Her research takes place in Northern Michigan waterways, along Lake Huron.

Susan’s interdisciplinary work involved Department of Anthropology undergraduate student Becca Alberts, Dr. Frank Telewski from the Department of Plant Biology, Dr. Catherine Yansa from the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences and Dr. Ryan Tubbs from the Department of Radiology, Division of Human Anatomy here at MSU.