Forensic Anthropology in the News

MSU Forensic Anthropology continues to bring answers and closure for the families of tragedies. When unidentified human remains were found on private property in northern Kent County, Wyoming Department of Public Safety called in MSU forensic anthropologist, Dr. Joe Hefner to identify the remains. They were the remains of Charles Oppenneer, a victim of the ‘Craigslist killer’. Dr. Hefner and the MSU forensic anthropology team determined the cause of death and positively ID’d the man, offering closure for the family of Mr. Oppenneer, who had been missing since 2014. Hefner and the MSU team also provided invaluable evidence for the police department. You can read the full story here. Our sympathies go out to Mr. Oppenneer’s family and friends.

Dr. Joe Hefner, Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology, was also quoted in a recent Washington Post article where he discussed the Easter terrorist bombing in Sri Lanka. Hefner, a board-certified forensic anthropologist who assisted in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, provided The Washington Post with his expert perspective on the incredible challenges in identifying victims in a disaster of this magnitude.

man looking at xrays of a human chest

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