Department of Anthropology Graduate Student Publications: 2022

Graduate students in the Department of Anthropology are often able to begin publishing their research in academic journals before graduating. Congratulations to our graduate students on their publications in 2022! The names of the graduate students are in bold, and the names of Anthropology faculty members are underlined. 

Biggs, Jack. A., Jeffrey J. Burnett, Rhian R. Dunn, Emily B. P. Milton, and Amber M. Plemons. 2022. “The Campus Archaeology Program at Michigan State University: Reevaluating Our Program during a Pandemic.” SAA Archaeological Record, 22(2):17-21.

Burnett, Jeffrey J. 2022. “Seeking Radical Solidarity in Heritage Studies: Exploring the Intersection of Black Feminist Archaeologies and Geographies in Oak Bluffs, MA.” International Journal of Historical Archaeology 26: 53-78.

Dunn, Rhian R., Andrea Zurek-Ost, Paige Lynch, and Carrie Bohne Warren. 2022. “Dennis C. Dirkmaat, Ph.D., D-ABFA: A Brief Visit with an Influential Forensic Anthropologist.” Forensic Anthropology

Gerloff, Grace Shu. 2022. “Beyond Feelings: What’s Missing from Trauma-Centered Adoption Narratives.” Adoption and Culture 10, no. 2: 1-3.

Goots, Alexis, Mariyam I. Isa, Todd W. Fenton, and Feng Wei. 2022. “Blunt Force Trauma in the Human Mandible: An Experimental Investigation.” Forensic Science International: Reports 5. 1-9.

Milton, Emily B. P., Nathan D. Stansell, Hervé Bocherens, Annalis Brownlee, Döbereiner Chala-Aldana, and Kurt Rademaker. 2022. “Examining Surface Water δ18O and δ2H Values in the Western Central Andes: A Watershed Moment for Anthropological Mobility Studies.” Journal of Archaeological Science 146: 1-12.

Spiros, Micayla C., Amber M. Plemons, and Jack A. Biggs. 2022. “Pedagogical Access and Ethical Considerations in Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology.” Science & Justice 62, no. 6: 708-720.

Spiros, Micayla C., Sherry Nakhaeizadeh, Tim Thompson, Ruth Morgan, Viktor Olsson, Alexandra Berivoe, Joseph Hefner, and Martin Arvidsson. 2022. “Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Quantify the Effect of Experience and Education on Forensic Anthropological Analyses.” Forensic Anthropology

Cornelison, Jered B., Carolyn V. IsaacClara J. Devota, Joseph Billian, Theodore T. Brown, Joyce L. deJong, Elizabeth A. Douglas, Amanda O. Fisher-Hubbard, Wendy L. Lackey-Cornelison, Joseph A. Prahlow et al. 2022. “A Comparison of Three Decalcification Agents for Assessments of Cranial Fracture Histomorphology.” Journal of Forensic Sciences 67, no. 3: 1157-1166.

Fujita, Masako, Katherine Wander, Nerli Paredes Ruvalcaba, and Amelia Ngozi Odo. 2022. “Human Milk Lactoferrin Variation in relation to Maternal Inflammation and Iron Deficiency in Northern Kenya.” American Journal of Human Biology

Gajasinghe, Kasun, and Priyanka Jayakodi. 2022. “Examining Relationships between Religious and Linguistic Nationalism in a Recent Controversy Surrounding the Sri Lankan National Anthem.” English Teaching: Practice & Critique 21, no. 3: 307-319.

Isaac, Carolyn V., Jered B. Cornelison, Clara J. Devota, Brandy L. Shattuck, and Rudolph J. Castellani. 2022. “An Unusual Blunt Force Trauma Pattern and Mechanism to the Cranial Vault: Investigation of an Atypical Infant Homicide.” Journal of Forensic Sciences 68 (1): 315–26. https://doi:10.1111/1556-4029.15168.

Isaac, Carolyn V., Jered B. Cornelison, Clara J. Devota, Kristi Bailey, and Jonathan Langworthy. 2022. “A Method for the Development of Cranial Fracture Histology Slides.” Journal of Forensic Sciences 67 (5): 2040–47. https://doi:10.1111/1556-4029.15093.

Isaac, Carolyn V., Jered B. Cornelison, Joseph A. Prahlow, Clara J. Devota, and Erica R. Christensen. 2022. “The Repository of Antemortem Injury Response (REPAIR): An Online Database for Skeletal Injuries of Known Ages.” International Journal of Legal Medicine 136 (4): 1189–96. https://doi:10.1007/s00414-021-02756-z

Radonic, LuceroCara Jacob, Rowenn Kalman, and E. Yvonne Lewis. 2022. “Questionable Quality: Using Photovoice to Document Women’s Experiences of Water Insecurity in Flint, USA.” Case Studies in the Environment 6, no. 1: 1-15.

Wollmann, Jessica S., Aubree S. Marshall, McKenzie Schrank, and Laura Tobias Gruss. 2022. “Tibial Torsion and Pressures in the Feet during Walking: Implications for Patterns of Metatarsal Robusticity.” American Journal of Biological Anthropology, 1-12.

Zhu, David C., Chih‐Ying Gwo, An‐Wen Deng, Norman Scheel, Mari A. Dowling, and Rong Zhang. 2022. “Hippocampus Shape Characterization with 3D Zernike Transformation in Clinical Alzheimer’s Disease Progression.” Human Brain Mapping, 1–13.