Call for Applications: The Altimare Professional Development Scholarship

The Altimare Professional Development Scholarship is intended to support graduate students enrolled in the MSU Department of Anthropology to gain practical skills, training, certification, professional development and/or qualitative data software experience, contributing to tangible and recognized competencies by future employers and aid the student in being a competitive applicant for non-academic jobs post-graduation. Examples include: conference training (tutorials/workshops) to learn new skills, techniques or specialties; online certifications, (LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera) on project management, UX Design, video production; purchase of qualitative data analysis software (MAXQDA, NVivo, Atlas.ti), etc. Please note that a total of $1,000 is available this year. This amount can be divided and distributed to one or more students.

How to apply: Application is made via letter (1-2 pages) addressed to the Altimare Scholarship Committee. Applicants should provide an overview of their progress in the program of study, and how the scholarship will be used to benefit their progress. The committee requires that the dissertation advisor send a statement of endorsement for the application via email. Letter of application and endorsement should be submitted via email to Cathi Pierce at with Altimare Scholarship in the subject line of the email.

Deadline for application is April 7th, 2023.