The Department of Anthropology Welcomes new MSU Museum Archaeology Collections Manager, Samantha Ellens

The Department of Anthropology is happy to welcome the new MSU Museum Archaeology Collections Manager, Samantha Ellens. The position of Collections Manager is jointly supported by the MSU Museum and the Department of Anthropology.

Samantha will be responsible for the care, preservation, and documentation of the archaeological collections that are managed and curated collaboratively by the MSU Museum and the Department of Anthropology.  Samantha will oversee a range of collections activities, including conservation and storage of materials, supervising student volunteers, and managing access to collections for teaching and research.

Samantha’s background in outreach and museum management brings a community-based approach to her research and contributions to programming, teaching, and collections work focused on fostering lasting appreciation of historic, cultural, and natural resources.

As a historical archaeologist with a background in Ontario, the Midwest, and the Caribbean, Samantha has over a decade of experience in museum management, collections-based research, and community archaeology. Her research has an emphasis on urban and colonial landscapes, drawing upon many topics including consumption, trade, health, labor, and identity to inform her work in Michigan and the Caribbean. She is currently completing her PhD in Anthropology at Wayne State University with a specialization in historical archaeology.