Dr. Stacey Camp Participates in Virtual Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimage

This summer, Dr. Stacey Camp is participating in Tadaima! A Community Virtual Pilgrimage, which is a virtual pilgrimage to commemorate and remember Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the annual pilgrimages to WWII sites of Japanese American incarceration were cancelled this year. These pilgrimages provide important educational and […]

New Article in The Conversation co-authored by Associate Professor Gabriel Wrobel on epidemics in the archaeological record

Department of Anthropology Associate Professor Dr. Gabriel Wrobel recently co-authored an article in The Conversation with colleagues Dr. Charlotte Roberts (Durham University) and Dr. Michael Westaway (The University of Queensland) titled, “What the archaeological record reveals about epidemics throughout history—and the human response to them.” The article discusses what bioarchaeologists can reveal about diseases in […]

Associate Professor Ethan Watrall co-authors article on the Enslaved Ontology in Journal of Web Semantics

Department of Anthropology Associate Professor Dr. Ethan Watrall recently co-authored an article in Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web with several colleagues, including first author Cogan Shimizu (Kansas State University), corresponding author Dr. Pascal Hitzler (Kansas State University), and fellow members of MATRIX: The Center for Digital Humanities and Social […]

PhD candidates April Greenwood and Brian Geyer publish on photographic practices in rural Kenya and “relational objects” in CSCW/HCI

Department of Anthropology PhD candidates April Greenwood and Brian Geyer recently co-authored an article with Dr. Susan Wyche (MSU Department of Media and Information) in Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction titled, “Exploring Photography in Rural Kenyan Households: Considering “Relational Objects” in CSCW and HCI.” The article discusses the photographic practices in rural households […]

Dr. Gabriel Sanchez Awarded National Geographic Grant

The Department of Anthropology is pleased to announce that Dr. Gabriel Sanchez has been awarded a National Geographic Early Career Grant in support of his research project, “Archaeology as Conservation Science: Investigating the Historical Range of California’s Endangered Coho Salmon.” Dr. Sanchez joined the Department as a College of Social Science Dean’s Research Associate and […]

Assistant Professor Kurt Rademaker publishes in the journal Cell on reconstructing deep population history of the Andes

Department of Anthropology Assistant Professor Kurt Rademaker co-authored a recently published article in the journal Cell with colleagues around the world, including first author Nathan Nakatsuka (Harvard-MIT) and senior authors David Reich (Harvard) and Lars Fehren-Schmitz (UCSC). The article is titled “A Paleogenomic Reconstruction of the Deep Population History of the Andes” and discusses the […]

Fieldwork Photography Contest Winners 2020

The results of the 2020 Anthropology Fieldwork Photography Contest are in! Thank you to everyone who entered photos and to our judges from across the department. The photos were truly amazing and are a stunning reflection of the fieldwork in this department. Congratulations to our winners: ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

PhD Alumna Kathryn Frederick, Alumna Rebecca Albert, and Professor Emeritus William Lovis publish on actualistic replication of acorn processing facilities

Department of Anthropology PhD alumna Kathryn Frederick, undergraduate alumna Rebecca Albert, and Professor Emeritus William Lovis recently published an article in the Wisconsin Archeologist titled, “The Green Site Acorn Parching Feature: Analysis and Actualistic Replication of an Early Late Woodland Acorn Processing Pit.” The article discusses the several experiments designed to replicate a 1200-year-old acorn […]

Congratulations to the Class of 2020

From the Chair, Dr. Todd Fenton: “On behalf of the entire Department of Anthropology, we offer our sincerest congratulations to the Michigan State University Class of 2020 graduates. We are so proud of all that you have accomplished during your time here and look forward to your future achievements. It has been an honor and […]

Associate Professors Stacey Camp and Ethan Watrall Awarded National Park Service Grant to build a digital archive of WWII Japanese internment and incarceration

The Department of Anthropology is pleased to announce that Associate Professors Stacey Camp and Ethan Watrall have been awarded a 3 year National Park Service Japanese American Confinement Sites (JACS) grant for $379,017 to develop The Internment Archaeology Digital Archive (IADA), an open digital archive that will host, preserve, and provide broad public access to […]