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Marcella Oman on the Great Wall of ChinaCongratulations to Marcella Omans for her NSF Graduate Research Fellowship she received for her project entitled “La Mesa Barrio Chino, Tijuana, Mexico: China’s Gateway to Latin America.” Her work focuses on providing insight into how newly arrived Chinese immigrants and business people leverage preexisting Chinese networks to gain economic footholds in Latin America; and on revealing how perceived Chinese identity in Latin America and the mediation of the expectations associated with this have shaped the Sino-Latin American narrative. Through her NSF funding, she plans to conduct multilingual (Spanish and Mandarin Chinese) ethnographic fieldwork in La Mesa Barrio Chino, Tijuana, Mexico to provide an example of the growing Sino-Latin American relationship in a local context. Her work will help inform those who are concerned with the growing relationship between China and Mexico and its potential impacts on the community and the region in areas such as trade, urban planning and development, urban diversity and attracting foreign investment. We wish Ms. Omans safe travels as she begins her dissertation research.



title of Forensic Anthropology journalDr. Joe Hefner was announced as Editor for Forensic Anthropology. This is a journal devoted to the advancement of the science and professional development of the fields of forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology. It primarily focuses on research, technical advancements, population data, and case studies related to the recovery and analysis of human remains in a forensic context. Topics such as forensic osteology, skeletal biology, and modern human skeletal variation are within the scope of Forensic Anthropology. In this first edition, Dr. Hefner and Dr. Todd Fenton have a multi-authored article, “Forensic Fractography of Bone: A New Approach to Skeletal Trauma Analysis.”

Also in the first edition of Forensic Anthropology, alumnus Dr. Nicholas V. Passalacqua and Dr. Hefner have a multi-authored article, “Forensic Analysis: A Journal for our Discipline.”

cover of American AnthropologistPublication of research in American Anthropologist is a noteworthy achievement for anthropologists, and we congratulate Dr. Laurie Kroshus Medina and Dr. Mindy Morgan for their recent contributions. Dr. Medina published “Governing Through the Market: Neoliberal Environmental Government in Belize” in 2015. Dr. Morgan’s article, “Anthropologists in Unexpected Places: Tracing Anthropological Theory, Practice, and Policy in Indians at Work” appeared in 2017.



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