Graduate Students

MD/Ph.D. Student Yr. 1
Pregnancy and Birth, Reproductive Health, Medical Anthropology, Amish Health, Homebirth

DO-PhD Student
medical anthropology, HIV, risk, health inequity, United States healthcare

Graduate Student
Teaching Assistant: ISS 220
Maya Bioarchaeology Laboratory
Central Belize Archaeological Survey Project
Bioarchaeology, Mortuary Cave and Rockshelter Use, Paleopathology, Social Identity, Ancient Maya, Mesoamerica, Central Belize

PhD Student
Campus Archaeologist
Paleopathology, Mortuary Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, Historical Archaeology, Institutionalization

Medical Anthropology, institutional ethnography, disability studies, mental health, Native American and Indigenous Studies, race and ethnicity, institutional organizations, suicide, and sexuality.

PhD Student
Paleoethnobotany, Midwest Archaeology, Eastern European Archaeology, Native American Studies

PhD Candidate
Great Lakes Prehistoric Archaeology, Hunter-Gatherers, Food Storage (cache pits), Experimental Archaeology, Risk Management, Public Archaeology

Doctoral Student
Anthropology Research Assistant, LEADR (Lab for the Education and Advancement in Digital Research)
Sociocultural anthropology, East Africa, Political economy, International development, Digital anthropology, Cultural heritage

Doctoral Candidate
Department of Anthropology
Instructor- ANP 201 Cultural Anthropology
Asian Studies FLAS Fellowship Recipient
Cultural Anthropology, Gender, Consumption, Globalization, Inequality, Commodification, Imperialism, Asian Studies, South Korea

Doctoral Student
Graduate Research Assistant
Forensic Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Skeletal Trauma, Ancestry Estimation, Human Variation

Doctoral Candidate, Cultural Anthropology
Course Instructor ANP 201
India, East Africa, migration, cross-cultural workplaces, nostalgia and memory construction, African masculinities, the anthropology of business, cosmopolitanism, spatial methodologies

Doctoral Student
Teaching Assistant, Department of Anthropology
Advertising & Marketing Coordinator, Indigenous Graduate Student Collective (IGSC)
Medical Anthropology, American Indian youth & communities, Drug & alcohol addiction and treatment, Identity, race & ethnicity, Indigenous & collaborative research methods, Community-based projects and research

Doctoral Student, Physical Anthropology
Graduate Research Assistant: Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Forensic Anthropology, Skeletal Trauma Biomechanics, Skeletal Biology

Doctoral Student, Physical Anthropology
Graduate Research Assistant
MSU Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
forensic anthropology, human rights, paleopathology, human variation, ancestry estimation, personal identification, age estimation

MA in Anthropology
PhD Student
Anthropology Online Course Assistant
Indigenous Graduate Student Collective Outreach Coordinator
Cultural Interaction, Social Use of Space, Oneota, Mississippian, Illinois River Valley

Ph.D. candidate
Pre-contact Great Lakes Archaeology, Foodways, Diet/Cooking/Cuisine, Pottery, Functional Analysis, Hunter-Gatherers

PhD Candidate
Instructor for ANP203 (summer 2018)

PhD Candidate in Socio-Cultural Anthropology
Environmental Anthropology, Political Ecology, Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan, Indigenous Sovereignty, Neoliberalism, Environmental and Heritage Resources Management, Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Practices, Politics of Representation

Doctoral Student
Research Assistant
Medical Anthropology, Neoliberalism and Healthcare Systems, Diabetes, Policy Discourse Analysis, Organizational Ethnography, NGO Studies, Healthcare NGOs in Guatemala, Indigenous Maya.

PhD Candidate, Sociocultural Anthropology
Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellow, MSU Asian Studies Center
Course Instructor, ANP 420 (Summer 2018)
sociocultural anthropology, psychological anthropology, identity, international migration, emigration from the West, migrant adaptation strategies & processes, East Asia, Japan

Graduate Research Assistant for Kurt Rademaker
Environmental Archaeology, Stable Isotopes, Method Development for Archaeological Investigations, Digital Applications of Archaeological Curation and Outreach, Geographic Information Systems

Graduate Student
Medical anthropology, East Africa, Global health delivery, Migration, Gender

Ph.D. Student
Campus Archaeologist
2016-2018 Campus Archaeology Program Fellow
2016-2017 Cultural Heritage Informatics Senior Fellow
2015-2016 Cultural Heritage Informatics Fellow
Zooarchaeology, Midwest Archaeology, Foodways, Illinois River Valley, Cultural Interaction, Mississippian, Oneota

Ph.D. Student
Teaching Assistant: ANP 203
Late Prehistoric, Midwestern Archaeology, Ceramics, Foodways, Social Interaction, Oneota, Mississippian

Ph.D. student
Graduate Research Assistant: Biomarker Lab
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Biological Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Breastfeeding, Breast milk composition, Mother-child nutrition, Mexico, Indigeneity

PhD Candidate
Fulbright Fellow Ghana 2015-2016
Critical Medical Anthropology, Diabetes, Health disparities, Nutrition, Gender, Ghana

Doctoral Student, Physical Anthropology
Graduate Research Assistant
Forensic Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Ancestry Estimation, Dental Anthropology, Human Variation

Ph.D. Student
Teaching Assistant: ANP 321
I am interested in the expert/intellectual agency on the construction of common sense, especially in political transition contexts where historical memory policy can be found. I am also interested in constructivism and its place in social theory.

PhD Student in Bioarchaeology
University Distinguished Fellow
Fulbright Open Research Grantee: Perú 2016-2017
Andean Bioarchaeology, Skeletal Biology, Dental Anthropology, Paleopathology, Moche Valley, Salinar Culture

Doctoral Student, Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
Forensic Anthropology, Skeletal Biology, Human Variation, Ancestry Estimation, Cognitive Bias, Postcranial Variation

African American Studies, African Diaspora Studies, African Studies, Historical Archaeology, Iron metallurgy, Kongo Kingdom, Cultural Economy, west central Africa

Doctoral Student, Sociocultural Anthropology
Teaching Assistant: ANP 200, 321 and ISS 210, 315, 320
Research Assistant: Spring 2017
Anthropology of South Asia, Anthropology of migration, Transnationalism, Diaspora studies, Post colonialism, Orientalism, Kinship, Personhood, Subjectivities, Consumerism, Individualism, Gender

Doctoral Candidate (Archaeology)
Migration, Cultural Contact, Violence and Aggression, Collective Social Action, Cultural Transmission, Social Network Analysis, Multilayer Social Network Analysis, Geochemical Compositional Analysis, Archaeometry, Oneota, Mississippian

Doctoral Candidate
2017 NIJ Graduate Research Fellow (STEM)
Graduate Assistant, MSU Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
Forensic Anthropology, Skeletal Biology, Human Variation, International Migration, Geographic Information Systems

Instructor, Introduction to Archaeology, Great Discoveries in Archaeology
State Historic Preservation Office
Midwest and Great Lakes Archaeology, 18th Century, Colonialism, Trade Networks and Social Interaction