Dr. Stacey Camp edited a special edition of The SAA Archaeological Record featuring articles from current and graduated Ph.D. students

MSU Department of Anthropology Associate Professor and MSU Campus Archaeology Program Director, Dr. Stacey Camp edited a special edition of The Society of American Archaeology Archaeological Record that features many different US-based Campus Archaeology Programs, including the MSU Campus Archaeology Program. There are several articles in this volume that include our current and graduated Ph.D. students, and the cover of the publication features MSU’s campus, our students, and our MSU Campus Archaeology Program staff.

Dr. Camp wrote the introduction; Jack Biggs, Jeff Burnett, Rhian Dunn, Emily Milton, and Amber Plemons wrote an article titled: “The Campus Archaeology Program at Michigan State University: Reevaluating Our Program during a Pandemic”; and Autumn Painter and Dr. Susan Kooiman (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) wrote an article titled: “Connecting the Present to the Past: Food-based Research and Outreach at Michigan State University”.

Read the whole edition at: https://mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=740794